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    Table hide, hyperlink destination on continued table

    Indrajith Panneerselvam Level 1



      We are receiving a peculiar issue on continued tables while applying crosslinks. Fixing Hyperlink on verso page and its destination on recto page hides the view of the table in recto page.


      We are following InDesign XML workflow - Windows platform.


      Please find the sample InDesign files zip package in the link http://www.filefactory.com/file/cda21a5/n/Sample.zip


      1. Sample1_continued table view hidden.indd  :  Recto page view has been hidden after applying the hyperlink

      2. Sample1_continued table view visible.indd  :  Recto page view got visible after just clicking the text thread, without adjusting any text frames.


      Please help me to identify where it went wrong? or do we need to consider this as InDesign bug (this was tested in InDesign CS3 to CS5.5 version - result is same).