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    Problem Importing Photos


      I am importing photos into premiere pro. When I drag them down into the timeline, it shows a different image than what i imported(from the same folder).

      It seems to be that premiere pro cant differenciate between the photos. It choses one or two and shows that for all the improted photos. Ive tried renaiming the photos, moving them to a new directory (folder), new sequence, new project and the same thing seems to be happening. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is this a commonly experienced problem?


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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          What version of PrPro are you using?


          There is a Bug reported, where stills get very confused, and will often have the same image, but with different names.


          If one Opens the problem Still Images in Photoshop, and then does a simple Save_As, before re-Importing, the issue usually resolves itself. One can record a simple Action to do that in Batch in PS, so it is almost instant.


          Good luck, and hope that the Open - Save_As in PS clears things up for you.



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            dwbohn Level 1

            I'm running 5.0.3

            Upon futher trouble shooting I found images named DSC_1234 didn't have a problem with importing and showing a different file.

            When i right click and go to properties, the file extension is that of the mistaken photo it is showing, not the name that appears in the list of imports under the project tab.

            I tried saving in photoshop and it appears to work.

            Thanks for the help