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    Font Issue

    JonnyDL Level 1

      I'm importing text files via xtags, and I'm having problem with a font. It shows as the red highlight

      The xtags are being created on a PC and being converted and placed by xtags/indesign

      The font is a wingding.


      It was working before but I must have done something when I testing/setting up another Imac

      (both have the same problem)


      The xtags import, but anything that should use wingding(OTF) is replaced by wingding (TF), and gives me the red highlight

      over the text.(?)


      The correct wingding(OTF) is in the font library, and I can make the manuall adjustments. I just cant figure out where I went wrong

      and how to get it back.

      I've tried reimporting style sheets from other working templates/documents. but that did not help.


      Any suggestions on what else I can try?

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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          Type > Find Font... will give you more informatino, esp. if you click on More Info, but it sounds like the problem is you don't have the same version of wingding(OTF) as InDesign is expecting. Check what Find Font says...