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    Blu ray novice


      I am about to begin to takle the handling and processing of clips from Blu-ray and other domestic HD sources. I currently have Prem El version 8 but as they get launched around sept/oct then version 10 must be here soon. I look forward to it as there are more HD codecs that Prem El 9 can work natively in, while my version only really does HDV.

      The journey of finally getting DVD material to be good was certainly long and troublesome, but last year (five years of tests and waiting for this result) I finally came across this (when taking from an unprotected DVD):


      - Move the vob(s) file from the disc into the desktop and wait for it (or them) to copy.

      - Launch MPEG Streamclip and convert the vob(s) into the DVCPro codec.

      - Bring the new file into Prem EL and it will treat it as well as a DV-avi.

      - Lovely results.


      By doing this many times I'm familiar with the look of the contents of a Video TS folder able to identify the movie vobs from say the menu vobs. Oh and also, while Streamclip does a good job of seamlessly combining the vobs as it converts, there's always the option of using Vobmerge to do that prior to converting if you want. This also means that the problem of combining vobs is now solved also. Oh and yes I do know that you can begin an project with MPEG settings, but some of the regular brains in this forum have still favoured working in DV over the MPEG option.


      Ok, blu ray:

      I never looked into the file structure of an unprotected Blu Ray and so have no idea what it will look like, but hopefully will get my hands on a rewriter next week.

      Now then. Have a look at my points in bold above (that was current last year I dunno if it's been upstaged with something else since then).

      let's say I can get Prem El version 10 in my christmas stocking, is there a simlar protocol that I can go with to:

      - get the video files off of ze disc,

      - merge them if they are in chunks like vobs are

      - convert them into something with No loss of quality that Prem El can use OR,

      - Is there a setting to pick when initially creating the project, that you guys are agreed is as good as best?


      oh, and while I think of it, might there be something as amazing as streamclip that can convert these things into HDV If I can't get an upgrade?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What's a Ze disc? Is it a hi-def video source?


          Naturally, if you want to create BluRay video, you'll need a good hi-def video source. Ideally an HDV or AVCHD camcorder.

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            mikejc111 Level 1

            Ze disc is just "the disc" with a funny accent. Scuse my jovial nature but I'm a bit like that I'm afraid.



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              But what is it? A BluRay disc? A DVD? A DVD produced by a program? A DVD produced by a DVD camcorder?


              It makes a huge difference where you're video is coming from and whether it's hi-def or standard def video.


              Please be as specific as possible.

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                mikejc111 Level 1

                I'm only talking about Blu Ray discs. I've done some looking around on the net, and it seems that on a blu ray the video will be called M2ts files, within an area called Stream.If that's the case then I can start looking into how to bring them onto the desktop, and ready them for use in Prem El.


                I'll post more as I know more.

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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Do be aware that there are both copyright and copy protection issues with what you describe, and since many of the people here do this for a living, they do not look favorably on taking content from a commercial disc... and therefore do not offer much (if anything) in the way of help

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                    mikejc111 Level 1

                    If you look up at my first post you'll see I have said "unprotected" discs. I have no interest in commercial discs, just the ones people around me are making with their computers. I work in a place abundant with makers of short original films, and they often look to me for help in assembling compilations of their material for them.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      I work in a place abundant with makers of short original films, and they often look to me for help in assembling compilations of their material for them.


                      Where possible, one will always be better off going to the original footage, before it is compressed to BD (or DVD). Every level of compression will degrade to footage to some degree. The degradation is also cumulative, and as the compression can never be undone (at least the loss of data), one should have the fewest number of compression steps. As most HD material has already undergone one compression (in camera), the fewer additional compression steps, the better the quality will be.


                      Sometimes, it is just not possible to get to the original material. When possible, rather than a BD (or DVD), it would be better for the creator to Export the material to a lossless, intermediate format/CODEC, like Lagarith, or UT. Now, transport might need to be via an external HDD, rather than via an optical disc, and I have used those and ship all over the world, with no issues so far.


                      Good luck,



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                        Ted Smith Level 3

                        The actual Full HD video file on a Blue Ray disk made by PE9 is in a 'Stream folder' as a single M2ts file.


                        The M2ts file produced by PE9 is the same quality as the original M2ts camera file and can be copied just like a document on a disk..


                        Its not like a VOB made from of an AVI DV that needs converting back.


                        An AVCHD (M2ts) file is already compressed by the camera so there's none needed when making the blue ray disk unless you want to fit more than 25gb on the disk.


                        If the original camera file is M2ts then the Blue Ray disk file is M2ts.


                        You can copy an unprotected M2ts file back from the BD disk with Windows Explorer and re-import it into PE9 for more editing

                        You can play it with latest version of Windows Media Player and it looks just as terrific as the original camera .M2ts file


                        Blue Ray is great!

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                          mikejc111 Level 1

                          Hah, we're getting somewhere! Right then;


                          So let's say I've got PE9 (or PE10 if it comes out later this year), then one should be able to copy the m2ts file(s) from an unprotected blu ray disc (that I have full permission to copy from) into the timeline, and if it can be brought in ok then I don't need to do anything to it and burn another blu ray ok? I don't need to convert anythng before bringing it into Prem El?