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    Can't print pdf-data


      Hi to everybody,

      I'm German (77) and couldn't find somebody  in the German Forum who could help me, therefore I'll try it here.


      When I open a pdf-document and try to print it (Canon IP4500) there opens a nearly blank window instead of the then usually opening Canon-printer-window.

      My OS is Win7 Professional.


      As a first step I've deinstalled Adobe Reader and after downloading the actual Version (10.1.0) reinstalled it again, but the problem continues!


      The funny thing is: With my "old" desktop pc (WinXP) no printing problem comes up whatsoever!

      The same pdf-files can be printed with the same printer as usual! By the way I'm using Mozilla Firefox 5.0 as a browser.


      What the heck is the problem with my desktop-pc, is it the OS, the browser, or what could it be?


      I'd really appreciate if somebody could explain a way to solve it and could also explain it in a rather simple way because of my not being American and neither being anPC-expert.


      Thanks in advance!



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          CtDave Level 5

          Achten Sie darauf, dass der Drucker-Treiber verwendet die Windows 7-Treiber sind, nicht die Original-XP-Treiber. Canon bietet einen 32-Bit und 64-Bit-Treiber für Windows 7.


          Be well...

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            tango-romeo Level 1

            Danke für Deine Muehe! Ja, ich habe die originalen Treiber für Win 7 32bit und trotzdem.....


            Thank you for your effort and yes I do have the original Win 7 32bit drivers but nevertheless...


            Of course I'm using the proper (XP) drivers on my "old" PC and there is not even a trace of not properly working!


            (Perhaps I should have used the expression pdf-file instead of pdf-data in Re: and could this be altered?)


            Anybody else with a suggestion how to solve my f..... problem?

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              tango-romeo Level 1

              Hi folks,


              since there was no possiblity to solve my problem, I've found a solution:


              PDF-XChange Viewer.


              It works as it should, doesn't cost money, it's also available in German and prints all my pdf-files as it should!


              I'm happy and maybe sombody will be happy too for this hint!