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    How do I create a new frame using Flash CS5 on a Mac so I can add more pictures to my website?

    jon kolkin photography

      I have what I hope is a fairly straight forward question that I hope you can answer if you write code with a Mac or are at least familiar with the process on a Mac?  The person I have been working with to create my photography website uses a PC.  Here is the problem.  I am trying to use my Mac in order to create frames so that I can add 5 more images to a portfolio that presently has 15 images.  The code is in an index.fla file.  If I want to create a new frame in the index.fla, let's say LOAD CODE 381 and want to use the same text that is already present in LOAD CODE 380 but with a few edits, I have no trouble going to the Action-Movie Clip and finding LOAD CODE 380 in the left hand column.  The problem is, on a Mac, how do I create frame LOAD CODE 381 and then how do I copy and paste the text from LOAD CODE 380 into LOAD CODE 381?  It looks like on a PC one can open LOAD CODE 380 in the Action-Movie Clip, highlight the text then right click on the red rectangular box in the timeline.  By doing so (on a PC) one sees a drop down menu that gives the option to "copy key frame".  What is the equivalent of the "copy key frame" on a Mac?  I can see where on the Mac you can go to Edit >copy.  Is this the equivalent of "copy key frame" on a PC?  If so, once I "copy" the text how do I create the new LOAD CODE 381 so that I can paste the text into the new frame?