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    filling out a PDF online


      If I place my newly created PDF form on my web page, what is the simplist way I can have my clients fill it out and send it back to my email so it is a filled in PDF. I want to avoid any programing if possible.  I find many of my clients are having trouble with the PDF via their email.

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          If your clients will only have Reader, as opposed to Acrobat, then you will need to Reader-enable the document. To do so:


          Acrobat 9: Advanced > Extend Features in Adobe Reader

          Acrobat 10: File > Save As > Reader Extended PDF > Enabled Additional Features


          But be aware that if you distribute such an enabled document to more than 500 recipients (as you do when placing the document on a publicly available web site), you are allowed to use no more than 500 forms that have been returned to you, including hard copies. This is an Acrobat licensing restriction.

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            chicagopaul Level 1

            When I email the PDF out..  why is it embeded in my email and not sent out as an attachment?