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    1st site and it's not showing up in any browser

    philly0128 Level 1

      Hello guys, I just created a simple intro banner for my church, i'm not that effient in flash but I can find my way around.


      I created a background and 3 buttons and they work in the preview.


      1. I'm using CS5

      2. I created it with actionscript 2.0

      3. My property settings under HTML template flash only, detect flash version is checked (tried it unchecked as well)

      4. My property settings under Flash Player is set to flash player 10

      5. when I publish it and I took the html and swf all I see is the blank background.


      all I see now is "This page requires Flash Player version 10.1.52 or higher" on all browsers I try. I have both html and swf named index.html and index.swf