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    How can I flow text alternate pages


      I want to typeset two documents of 100 pages each in such a way that they appear on opposite facing pages of a book.


      In other words, document one will appear on pages etc, flowing through to page 199 and document two will start on page 2 and flow to pages 4,6,8,10 etc to page 200.


      Also, the page numbers must show and be consecutive from 1 to 200.


      I don't think indesign can handle this.


      Do any of you know better?



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          The alternate page part is very easy, if you want consecutive numbers. Put a master text frame on each side of your master page spread, but DO NOT thread them together.


          If you want two pages numbered 1, two numbered 2, and so forth, you have a bit of a problem, but it's probably not impossible. Let us know if that's what you need.

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            wojtczak Level 1

            thanks for replying..... I want the book paginated like any normal book not two of each page number.


            But how do I make the text flow from page 1 to 3 to 5 etc and another text flow from 2 to 4 to 6 etc?


            I keep making a frame but it flows 1 to 2 to 3 , 4,5,6,7,8 etc..


            I will try again with your words in my mind.... do not thread together.


            sorry i am such a beginner!


            I might have to ask someone to make me a template document and email it to me if I keep failing at this!


            if this is possible my email is sussex.women@gmail.com




            ps using cs4

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              wojtczak Level 1

              OK I just went and made an a master spread, placed  a text frame on each one, but nothing came up to ask if i want to thread them or not. i then imported 'placed' the text onto page one then held down shift while clicking the red thing but the text flowed from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 etc and not from 1 to 3 to 5 to 7 etc.


              I dont see any option to not thread the frames. sorry.

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                John Hawkinson Level 5

                Almost, but not quite.

                Make sure you have not overriden the frames on the starting page (if you have, Pages > Remove all local overrides).

                Then File > Place but do not click.

                Hold down Shift. The place gun changes to the continuous arrow cursor (autoflow)

                Move the mouse over your text frame (inherited from the master page but not overriden) -- the place gun changes to have parens () around it rather than an upper-left corner.

                Only now click.

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                  wojtczak Level 1

                  where is pages > there is no 'pages'

                  tab along the top menu bar if that is what you mean


                  there is a thing on the palette about override master page items but it is not checked.


                  when you say place text do you meean on master or page 1 or page 2?


                  would it not be quicker for someone to just make me a document already set up? i have been trying to do this for two days now and just want to throw the computer out of the lasted window as i am screaming with sheer frustration.


                  How much fee do you want to just make me the template please? if i throw this laptop out the window that willl cost hundreds to replace....



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                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                    We're here to help you learn, not do your work.


                    Pages is a panel, and you'll find it under Window > Pages.


                    The key here is that you should not select the "Master Text Frame" box when setting up your document, but rather go to the master spread after and draw two independent text frames. If you already have master frames that were put there automatically, delete them and draw two new ones.


                    As John also mentioned (thank you John) you must not override the maaster frames onto the document page before you place your text. If you override, ID will ignore the master frames for any text that does not fit in the first frame during autoflow and will thread across the spread instead of skipping a page.


                    From your responses it seems you are very new to InDesign. Threading, Pages panel, master pages, etc. are very basic concepts you need to know to do much of any sort of work in ID, and you may be in way over your head. Do you have any training materials? You might want to spend some time at Lynda.com or buy Sandee Cohen's Visual QuickStart Guide, or even read the ID help files to get familiar withthe terms and how ID works.

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                      wojtczak Level 1

                      THANKS to BOTH of you for responding.


                      I'm sorry you seem to be cross with me already.


                      I do see where you are coming froom and yes maybe I ough to be reading all the books and tutorials and watching all the videos etc, but that will take me weeks and I must have this document all set up and ready by the end of today.


                      I HAVE put in the work already, I started trying to do this on Friday, and have literally done nothing else all Friday and all Saturday, and now into Sunday. I have followed to the letter what you have suggestedbut still the text is flowing onto every page.


                      You say you are here to help but the kind of help I need is for someone  to spend five minutes simply setting up a document for me, rather than  hours and hours trying to teach me how to do it.


                      Yes I will read all the books and tutorials one day but just for today, just for now, I just need this document set up immediately.


                      I don't see that is too much to ask, five minutes of your time instead of your spending much much longer trying unsuccessfully to get me to do it myself.


                      I'm not a beginner, been using this program for eight years, but I have never tried to do THIS before.


                      If you won't just help me with this one little thing, I will just have to waste the whole of the rest of today posting the same question all over the internet in the hope that I can find someone who will just do this one tiny thing for me. I have even offered to pay, so I don't see why you think my request so beyond the pale.


                      My point is, in half the time you have already spent trying to teach me you could have set one up for me.

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                        Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                        Here are a couple of screen captures that should help:

                        parallel flow-1.png

                        Select your master spread (double-click it's name in the panel). Use the Type tool to draw two text frames that fill your margin guides, which should be set to the size of the text blocks you want to have in your document. I've marked the in and out ports on the left frame in the screen shot. Note that at the moment they are empty sqaures. When text is threaded from frame to frame, at least one port in each frame in the thread will have a small blue triangle inside it. As long as you are not in Preview mode, or Overprint Preview, which hide non-printing elements, you can see the threading path by going to View > Show Text Threads.


                        InDesign puts odd-numbered pages on the right and evens on the left, by default, and you will probably not want to play tricks to change this. You probably also want both of your parallel threads to begin on the same spread, so you'll need to start with at least three pages, and begin the text flow on pages 2 and 3 (or some later spread if you have a lot of front matter to include). To add pages drag the master icon for the page into the lower half of the Pages panel or use the panel menu to issue an Insert Pages command.


                        parallel flow-2.png


                        This is the pages 2 & 3 spread. Becasue the master text frames are the same size as the margin guides you don't see them, but they are there waiting for text. File > Place... and find the first text file you want to place. Your cursor will show what looks like the upper left corner of a page. Hold the Shift Key and the cursor will change to have a squiggly arrow which indicates that you will be auto-flowing text, creating new pages autoimatically untill the entire stroy is on a page. Don't click yet.


                        Still holding down the shift key, move the cursor anywhere inside the margin area, WELL AWAY FROM ANY GUIDES. If you click on a guide accidentally the master frame will not be used. As you move over the empty master frame the curso will change again to have large parentheses surrounding it. When you see that is is safe, while still hoding down the shift key, to click and release. DO NOT DRAG the cursor, just click and release. You should now have a bunch of new pages, with text only on the left side. Go back to Page 3 and repeat for the second story.

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                          wojtczak Level 1

                          Yep, I've followed all that and now have two parallel documents!


                          I cannot thank you enough for this!


                          THANK YOU!

                          THANK YOU!

                          THANK YOU!