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    NEW FEATURE: Rating Scale Field

    RandySwineford Adobe Employee

      In our July 22nd release, we added support for a rating scale field (also known as a likert field). This has been a very common request from those that create surveys or want to get insight into what people think about their product or service. You can access the new rating scale from the Add Item toolbar:

      Field Toolbar with Rating Scale Circled.png

      Creating a rating scale is really easy - its all WYSIWYG. Here is what it looks like once you create the field:

      Rating Scale Field.png

      Add rows by clicking the add row button at the bottom - each row is an item you want to get feedback on. You can reorder the rows/columns by simply dragging and dropping. You can create your own rating scale column description or use one of the presets we provide:

      Rating Scale Field - Preset drop down.png

      You can also add more columns by clicking the "+" button - or delete them using the "x" button.


      The border color and alternating row color can also be changed in the property flyout.


      Here is a video that shows how to create and use a rating scale:


      Give it a try and tell us what you think of it.


      Randy Swineford

      FormsCentral product manager


      (Randy Swineford, 12/20/2011) Added video