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    Need assistance


      I successfully downloaded, activated, and authorized Adobe Digital Editions, downloaded an ebook from the library to a windows pc, and transferred the book from the computer to a Sony PRS-505 digital reader.  However, the book displays with each page showing with a symbol and message reading "protected page" - what did I do wrong and how do I correct it?  Thanks.

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          This is a strange one.


          You didn't do anything wrong.  My guess is that something's going on based

          on the information in the ebook's item information from the library.  You

          should take a look at that info and see what it says.


          With ADE open in Library mode, place your cursor on the entry for the ebook

          in question.  A small arrow will appear.  Click on 'Item Info' and ADE will

          display the information it has concerning the ebook.  In the middle, you can

          see the digital rights assigned by the publisher concerning display, whether

          the ebook can be copied to another device, printing restrictions, etc.  You

          should see no restrictions.....


          Next, try opening the library book in ADE on your computer.  If you get the

          same messages on the pages, then there's something fishy with the file you

          downloaded.  If not, then the SONY ereader is picking up something else

          that's in the file that ADE can't see.  Libraries add information to the

          ebook record, and there are several systems in use - which means that you

          may have to go back to their technical support and ask them what's going

          on. They may have an answer - or not....



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            Many thanks!