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    A Premiere Pro CS5.5 MESS

    landrvr1 Level 2

      Wow, I'm so overwhelmed that I don't even know where to begin.  Got a new machine and CS5.5 (upgrading from CS3).  I seem to have a horrid video card/drivers/settings issue going on and I'm stumped.


      First thing, when Premiere fires up my entire screen turns blank for a second or two as....as...a driver is loaded?  Who knows.  This also happens every time I'm in Premiere and I open a new project.


      Second, playback and scrubbing is WRETCHED.  For instance, I've got an AE comp that's been linked (864x480 rendered stills from 3D Studio Max) and it will barely scrub, if at all.  Playback?  I hit the spacebar and nothing happens for several seconds.  The scrubber then starts moving, but the image is jerky and skipping frames.  There's no audio at all.


      Many times I'll not see my comp in the viewer at all.  Instead I get an image of whatever program was opened (or behind) Premiere at the time.  Or I'll see my desktop.  ???


      Started a new 1280x720 comp in AE today, linked to Premiere...same thing.  Only this time the thing wouldn't scrub or play at all.  Imported the MPEG4 footage directly into Premiere.  The same thing happened.


      Here's my specs:

      Dual Xeon 5670 Hex Core - hyperthreaded

      21GB RAM

      Win7 64bit

      Quadro FX4800 graphics card:

      NVIDIA driver: 275.36

      DirectX 11.0


      I'm really confused on the driver choices offered at this point.  I'm just not that knowledgeable it would seem on all that NVIDIA offers.  Do you go with Partner Certified?  Performance Drivers?  Graphics Drivers?


      It just seems with the horsepower that I've got that I should be having zero issues, but...?


      Any help or advice would be appreciated.