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    NEW FEATURE: Summary Report

    RandySwineford Adobe Employee

      The rating scale wasn't the only feature in our July 22nd release. We rounded out our support for surveys by adding the "Summary Report" tab to all of your forms. The summary report contains a chart for each question in your form. The charts show how many and what percent of users picked each choice in a question. The cool thing about the summary report is that it is automatically generated for you - you don't need to do anything. The data in the summary report is updated in real time just like the View Response tab:

      Summary Report2.png

      Mousing over a report tile shows an option button - when clicked you can see the customization options for the respective report tile:

      Summary Report2 - Options.png

      You can show/hide the caption, percent, data count and footer. You can also change the chart type. The captions are completely editable so you can add you own custom title to each tile. You can also delete a tile by clicking the trash can icon.


      Summary Report2 - Export.png


      And there are many ways to share your summary report: 1) Print it to paper; 2) Export to a PDF file; 3) Export all tiles to images that can be placed into your PowerPoint presentations; or 4) Use the share button at the bottom left corner to share it with your team.


      Try it out and send us your feedback.


      Randy Swineford

      FormsCentral Product Manager


      NOTE: In Japanese forms the "Save as PDF" or "Export as PDF" button is grey and is disabled, saving as PDF from the Summary Reports tab is not supported for Japanese forms