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    problem exporting to swift 3d


      I once used flash 8 and swift 3d 2. I did what the flash importer said  to do, copy to /flash/importers, something like that. Success and  working good.


      I tried installing both flash cs5 and latest swift  3d v6. did the same thing. working fine.


      Now, after buying a new  hard disk and windows 7 sp1 for my laptop, I bought adobe flash cs4 and  swift 3d v6, but after installing them, I did the same thing, same as  the manual says (the manual says very detailed place to copy and paste  the importer .dll file) but nothing happened.


      when I want to  export my project in flash cs4, there is no swift importer option in it,  and I don't know what's the problem???


      All help will be very  much appreciated.