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    re: another build question! (sorry lol)


      Hi all


      right, after days and days of researching all the excellent articles on here ive had to write a post! So apologies for going over old ground


      Im going to build a new CS5.5 rig (having had a guts full of Apple and their FCPX fiasco its back to pc!)


      so although i appreciate the 990x o'c is prob best option, bang for  buck is leading me down the sandybridge i7 2600k o'c option on p67 mobo with 16gb of ram (option to take to 32 down the line when the chips are out)


      anyway, im sorted on chip mobo (msi big bang marshal p67), nivida 570 etc , its the drives im struggling on!! Im edit avchd video and some after effects, small amount of 3d, and in FCP i always transcoded everything to prores. Now on cs5.5 it looks like real time performance is possible with high end hardwear.


      So mobo, ram, and chip aside, my HDD config im unsure on, ive not really got the cash to go crazy with raid controllors etc, but understand need for seperate drives, etc and tbh might even go downt he cineform route as a prores alternative (prob avoiding hassles of drive speed with avchd)


      im thinking as the SSD's are now dropping in price and the ocz are producing these 500 mb r/w speed sata 6 120gb drives for a reasonable price, would 3 of these drives (one for os, one for media , one for scracth disk ) be a good set up or is it a waste of cash and should i raid 0 from bios/mobo?


      I appreicate that 120 gb drives for media etc are small, but i would take project media from another much large backup drive and just use the 3x ssd set up as working disks for editing & os? once project over, clear out drives to larger back up and start new project!


      Its either that or i go SSD as bootdrive, but some sort of cheap raid set up for my scratch disk, media drives? prob is if i do that, from what ive read (brain dead now) i would be best off with 2 x raid 0 as scratch disk and orginal media respectively when workign with avchd


      HOWEVER, on my mobo there are only 4 sata 6 ports, so if i use one for ssd boot drive, and then im left with 3 x sata 6 ports and another 4 x sata 3 ports to raid on? how does this work? any point in getting the sata 6 drives as one would be stripped with a sata 6 drive plugged into a sata 3 port (this was my reasoning behind using 3 small sata 6 ssd's plugged to the sata 6 ports  and rest of sata 3 ports as storage and backups!


      confused lol!! I just want the overclocked sandybridge system with decent gpu card, as much ram as possible at present, but im thinking my bottleneck will be in the HDD config! any suggestions are much appreicated! im not that techy so whilst have read all the articles am more confused now (plus normally a mac user, so its out of the box configuration usually!) for what its worth looking to purchase something from scan uk in terms of parts! total build cost including a reasonable screen £2,000


      many thanks

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Forget about SSD's with that budget. Get a Samsung F4 320 G boot disk, and use the savings to get a decent hardware raid controller. LSI or Areca. Your video card will run at 8x PCIe but you will be hard pressed to notice the difference. Use 2 x SATA3 in raid0 for pagefile, media cache and previews on the mobo  and use 4 x raid3 or raid5 for media and projects on the dedicated controller. If you can afford it, go for an 8-port controller and use more disks in the raid53/5.


          SSD's don't give you any performance gain, their only use is to effectively empty your wallet. No problem if you have a huge budget, but that is not the case here. SSD's are your last luxury step when you have a really great system already.

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            monkeymoves Level 1

            many thanks harm (i feel i already know you having read so many of your's and scott's posts!!) thanks for speedy reply and useful info!!


            one thing i was thinking though, was as the savings that i'll make not going with the ssd's now (i am now convinced!! I was already really, just those 500 mb speeds sounded better than the older 250's!!),


            .... would my saved cash now be better off ploughed into the 980x hexcore x58 platform instead and just upgrade to dedicated raid controllors down the line ? as i currently deal with high bitrate AVCHD and after effects (this would be ok i think interms of cash saved on ssd's but i wouldnt have the spare to get a hardware raid on that platform as well, least not in short term so would just go with a few fast drives)


            from what your saying i think can use like u say a 320 bootdisk, raid 0 with 2 black sata 6 WD's (or similar) off mobo for scratch disk (i am right here with my terminolgy? scratch disk is like fcp with all the preview render files, cache etc, but actual media elsewhere?), and then raid 0 for media on the sata 3 ports (basically 5 disks, no raid controller just through bios/os mobo settings) but all on the x58 hexcore platform


            OR is money better spent on the overclocked sandybridge system but with dedicated hardware raid as you suggested in reply my previous post (given the pci issues albeit by sounds of things i wont notice much!)


            hmmm thought i was nearly there with my specs haha! I spent ages looking at pro's and cons of x58 vs sandy lol



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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              You have a limited budget, especially in the UK, but then don't we all?


              Going for the 980X will triple the cost of the CPU, but even when editing AVCHD material the gains are not sizable enough IMO to justify that cost differential. Add to that you will need 24 GB instead of 16 GB and that carries an additional price tag. Both factors will easily move you out of budget range if you want to have a number of disks and possibly a raid controller.


              Did you read my article To Raid or not to Raid, that is the question. It can be found under the Overview tab at the top of the page? (Currently responding from abroad on my notebook and not having the bookmarks available for easy linking). http://forums.adobe.com/thread/525263


              With media and projects I would advise against a raid0, because of the lack of redundancy. For pagefile, media cache and previews (scratch disks) raid0 is quite OK. They will be recreated if needed. The performance gain from a raid0 for media and projects over a parity raid is easily offset by the time spent on making backups. For parity raids do not use WD Caviar Blacks, but look at the Hitachi 7K3000 line of disks.


              The question of Sandy Bridge versus the old X58 platform is essentially one of 'which limitations are acceptable to me'.


              The Sandy Bridge is a great processor and at least the equal to the old i7-9xx quad cores. However, the platform, the chipset, has its shortcomings in terms of PCIe lanes. Whether that is relevant to you, only you can decide. But hey, we would be in serious trouble if Intel did not manage some progress in two years time from the i7-920 to the i7-2600K. So of course the i7-2600K shows much more potential than the almost retired 920, it is the chipset for the Sandy Bridge that is 'flawed' in comparison to the X58, but that is no surprise, since the Sandy Bridge is a 'middle-of-the-road' platform and the X58 was a 'high performance' platform.


              BFTB-wise I think that within your budget limits, you should look at the i7-2600K, but with the best disk setup you can afford.

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                monkeymoves Level 1

                cheers!! think im clear now,  time to research some disk setups!!! and no ssd's