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    How to make webpage size adjustable in Fireworks?

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      When I minimise the window the website is operating in, rather than adjusting its size to fit the minmised window, it stay's its original size with scroll bars on the side. Does anyone know how to make it automatically adjust to the size of the window so people who have different screen sizes can still enjoy the full display of the website.


      P.S sorry for cross posting in dreamweaver but I would like to know how to do this with both programs



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          That is coded in Dreamweaver. But keep in mind the size of your images. If you are coding for 1024 resolution then your final design should be 960-980px. Your images should not be any larger. In Dreamweaver you code for a fixed width or a fluid design. How good the site degrades to smller sizes depends on your layout. You can also use stylesheets to display the site differently for mobile devices. This is a vet large topic:-)


          You can look for tutorials on building fluid layouts, there are a lot. Dreamweaver has pre-coded layouts you can start with. Go to File|New, Blank page, HTML and pick one of the starter layouts.

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