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    how to turn off "read in browser"

    me, too

      I found a discussion of how to turn off the "read PDF in browser" function for a Windows machine, but I'm on a Mac. I just installed Reader 10.1.0, and find that it now defaults to "read in browser" with no way to turn that off, at least that I can see. Is there a way, or do I have to purge my system of Reader and use Preview to read PDFs in the future?

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          AHA! I found it: one must delete the file "AdobePDFViewer.plugin" from the Internet Plugins folder in the hard drive level Library folder.

          This will require an administrator username and password, but does the trick.

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            me, too Level 1

            Ok, deleting that file kills the "read inside browser" function, but to my vast annoyance, Safari still insists on opening a tab in which to read the damn PDF, although all that is displayed now is a black dark gray page.


            How the blazes do I KILL once and for all this silliness about sending a PDF to Reader in my browser? I do not EVER want to read a PDF in my browser, I ONLY want to download 'em to disk.


            Help! Anyone?