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    Contact Us Help

    Sketchsta Level 1
      Hi guys, i was wondering if anyone can tell me how to make a contact us page..
      i have never made one with FLASH, and i dont know what i need to do.
      I have made the layout already, with text fields, now i just need to know how to set it all up..

      how to get the SUBMIT button to sent the text to a email.

      heres the layout i made.

      thanx in advance.
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          fire orchid
          I don't normally do it in Flash - I use a pop-up window that opens an html form and do it that way...

          But it would be good to see if and how it can be done - I am sure it can be but how easily I don't know...
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            Sketchsta Level 1
            yeah i'm the same, i used html for all my other contact us pages.
            but i want make a FULL Flash site, i have already made most of it, and it only has one .html (the index)
            so i want to keep to this FULL FLASH idea..

            plus its good learning. =)
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              fire orchid Level 1
              definitely... :)
              look forward to the answer...
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                Sketchsta Level 1
                I like your work Mandi, =)
                I just had a quick peek at weensyweb.com

                BIG THUMBS UP!!!! =D

                I'll let you know about the contact us page when i find out.
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                  fire orchid Level 1
                  ha - cool thanks - one of these days i will get around to redoing my own site! too busy atm...

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                    kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                    if you want to use the client-side email program use getURL(). if you want to use a server-side email program you can use the LoadVars() class to send the relevent variables to your script. which are you using?
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                      Sketchsta Level 1
                      i dont even know where to begin to make the contacts page... i need help from the verry begining. =(
                      i think i will be using server side email, the lady which im doing the site for hasnt told me yet.

                      but i need instructions from A to Z because i have never done a contact page in flash, only HTML.
                      how will i get the text to send on submit, is probably the most confusing to me.

                      all i have done in the layout is, made dynamic text fields... with graphics in th BG.
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                        kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                        server-side email will require you (or someone else) to write an email program. that's usually going to be in perl, or asp or php or possibly some other language.

                        because you lack experience you should probably just use getURL(). it's simpler to do:

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                          Sketchsta Level 1
                          kglad, as new as i am to ActionScript, that getURL command you said, makes absolutely no sense to me. I have never seen anything even close to the "URL" you typed in. =)
                          but i will try it.. its how i learn.

                          i'm using ( or at least trying to use ) a PHP script to send the mail.. funny enough, it worked the first time, but only sent the email and comments fields..
                          now, it doesnt send anything anymore.
                          I have never written PHP before, so im thinking that im doing something wrong.

                          I got this code from kirupa.com and im trying to edit it to ad extra text fields to be sent, but thats when it started not to work. or just send 1 field and not the rest =)

                          if you want the code and swf get them at

                          the fields that need to be added from .swf are:
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                            South_Beach Level 1
                            I'm also trying to do the same thing. Doing it from the client side is where I've started. I'm very new at all of this. I'm able to send the email, but I'm so new, I can't seem to find the right syntax to store the text the user types in the input fields in my variables. OK, I'm stupid. Please help.

                            By the way I like your work
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                              Sketchsta Level 1
                              hey south beach, i'll gladly help you out when i get this to work.. but as it is now, im still trying to get it to work all the time.
                              i'll need some time to figure out how PHP script works, but its not easy, cuz evry script i find on the net are different, so its hard to learn it. =)

                              did you have a peek at ADH folder?? =) thanx dude. once i finish the whole thing, im gonna change the layout, i hate it. =)
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                                Sketchsta Level 1

                                Originally posted by: fire orchid
                                definitely... :)
                                look forward to the answer...

                                Hey mandi, PM me when you read this post.
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                                  jonnybennett Level 1
                                  Your swf:

                                  sendEmail=new LoadVars();
                                  emailSent=new LoadVars();


                                  status_txt.text='thanks mesage sent';}

                                  You 'mySendEmail.php'


                                  $headers = "you@you.com"."\r\n";
                                  $headers .= "MIME-Version: 1.0"."\r\n";
                                  $headers .= "Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"."\r\n";
                                  $headers .= "Reply-To:you@you.com"."\r\n";
                                  $headers .= "X-Priority: 1"."\r\n";
                                  $headers .= "X-MSMail-Priority: High"."\r\n";
                                  $headers .= "X-Mailer: My mailer";

                                  $message="Name: ".$from.".\r\n Email: ".$email.".\r\nMessage: ".$comments.$phone.$mobile;


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                                    Sketchsta Level 1
                                    Thanx for the code jonnybennett, much appreciated =)
                                    i only just finished the PHP i was working on, and it works fine now..
                                    now i have 2 codes to use thanx to you. =)
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                                      jonnybennett Level 1
                                      you're welcome.