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    Submit button missing


      Have created my first form and embedded the code in a Dreamweaver page I'm working on. When I test my form within FormsCentre the submit button is there, but when I test my DW page the button (and in fact the whole footer) is missing. Any idea how I can fix the problem?





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          RandySwineford Adobe Employee

          How did you embed the form? 1) Did you go to the Distribute tab, click the Embed button, and copy the text from the dialog; or 2) did you copy the HTML source from the actual form. #1 is the correct way to embed a form; #2 won't work.


          If you did #1 its possible your embed region size is too small - its cropping the form content.


          If you can't figure it out, then provide us the HTML code and we can take a look at it.


          Randy Swineford

          FormsCentral Product Manager

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            Hi Randy,


            I am having the same problem.  I have used the embed code to add a form to a simple HTML page, but the form (and submit button) get cropped and will not dynamically expand.  I have tried to find where I would adjust the embed region size as you suggested to busheads, but I am not having success.  Any suggestions?



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              RandySwineford Adobe Employee



              Is the HTML that the form is embedded on your local machine or on a web server? The form won't work properly from a local form, it must be on a web server.


              If that isn't the issue then could you provide us a link to your form and the code for the web page it is embedded in? Send it to formscentral_feedback@adobe.com