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    crash importing PSD file

    DaemonSword Level 1

      Hate to be asking my question here, as I couldn't find out where to ask a new question on the main page. Besides, the problem is almost the same as this.


      Premiere crashes when I import PSD files and/or the ones that don't crash I get the following error: "this are file appears to have no media data." WTF? These psd files are fine in Photoshop, and the permissions aren't corrupted and/or locked. These are also small files (4.9 mb)


      Honestly, Premiere just has a tendency to crash a lot, and this is without psd files. A shame, looks like I am staying with FCP 7 until this is fixed.



      Premiere Pro CS5.5

      Mac OS 10.6.8

      2 x 2.66 Ghz Dual-Core Intel Xeon

      14 GB