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    Video Chat Component




      I am trying to find a video chat compoenent that I can embed into my website. I do not have any Flash skills at all as I am mainly a Java developer. I would like a component that I can control from my server which will be a Java based. I am hoping it will have some kind of network based API that will allow me control the client from my server.


      I would like to be able operate this in a P2P manner, where the server controls while client connects to which other client, in a similar way to the numerous chat-roulette type sevices. The component should support both video (with voice) plus a text chat window. It is not a chat routlette services exactly, so I would like the control API to be as flexible as possible in order to be able to use it as required.


      Can any of you Flash experts help me out by pointing me in the right direction. If there is not a ready to use out the box solution, can someone suggest what sort of cost I would be looking at in order to have one developed for me?


      Many thanks in advance!