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    Nvidia 550 Ti vs 465 for CUDA (MPE) performance

    JAKE JONSON Level 1

      I've just received my Nvidia 550 Ti in the mail and installed it in my computer but noticed that the Windows Experience Index for it is only 7.4 vs. the 7.6 my Nvidia 465 (both 1GB of VRAM) received in the WEI.  I realize that the WEI isn't a great tool for assessing the MPE suitability of either card but it feels funny to take a drop in WEI nonetheless.  I haven't really done any PPro testing to assess any performance change.  The CUDA compute capability has the 550 Ti as winner (2.1) over the 2.0 in the 465.  Does the compute capability score win?  Basically, which card should I leave in my PC?  Thanks.