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    Sequence Panel and CTI lock-up - Solved, problem due to 48kHz .wav audio files


      Answering my own issue here, but maybe someone else will benefit as well...


      PC, Windows 7

      Upon opening an ongoing project I found the sequence panel and CTI were immediately unresponsive.  The PC was also showing a high amount of background processing on the PrPro processes.  I went back to a previous project version and everything was normal. 


      In the latest (problem) version I had added some VO to the sequence - audio .wav files encoded as 48kHz, 16bit.


      I then renamed the audio file folder and reopened the newest project, causing PrPro to not find them and placed them offline.  Everything returned to normal.


      I then converted the 48kHz audio files to 44.1, 16bit and reopened the project, designating the new files to replace the old.  Again, opeing the newest project, everything was OK and I was able to continue on.


      It seems that the 48kHz files were causing PrPro to hard-loop in a background process in the indexing, conforming and peak file generation phase.  I found when using the problematic project that the sequence panle adn CTI were actually responding, but only after a very long delay.  An example would be to try to reposition the CTI with no response, then clicking play and stop in the playback window, then the CTI would update.