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    Epubs and Nook Magazines

    phyllisj9 Level 2

      Well, I've been instructed to figure out how to reformat our print magazine for Nooks and Kindles!  I've gone through the lynda.com tutorial on getting from InDesign to Epub and have figured out how to make a basic epub (for Nooks) and convert it to mobi format (for Kindles).  I don't have either device, but I'm about to purchase both a Kindle and a Nook (as a work purchase).  I took a look at some of the Nooks in the store just now and was wondering about the Nook Color.  The magazines on there don't look like they're epubs.  Anyone know what format they're in?  It looks like a PDF of a print piece, but I think it's something different.  Anyone know what it is?  I need to figure out how to create that format...


      Tons of stuff I need to learn right now!  Yike!  At least it's interesting.  I've been wanting to study ebooks for quite some time.


      Thanks, Phyllis

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          How are your HTML and CSS skills? Contrary to what you may have been told, without a firm grasp of those you're in for a world of pain.


          Finally, if you haven't already, you should upgrade to InDesign CS5.5. The improvements in EPUB export are dramatic over earlier versions.



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            phyllisj9 Level 2

            Hey!  I have very strong CSS & HTML skills (I'm also a Web designer).  So I'm already modifying the CSS in the epubs (now that I know how they're structured -- love lynda.com videos!).  Just I don't have either device yet and am wondering about those magazines I just saw on the Nook Color.  What are they, do you know?


            Yep, I should have the 5.5 upgrade any day now. :-D


            Thanks, Phyllis

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Well, I'd need to see the magazines to know, but it could be something similar to the DPS services that Adobe offers.


              With your CSS/HTML skills you'll love the map styles to tags feature.



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                phyllisj9 Level 2

                Yeah, the tags stuff is cool!  I'm looking forward to really getting into this.


                It's weird, but I'm having a lot of trouble finding anything online about those magazines' format.  Wish I could have bought the device right then, but I need to go back to my boss with info on what we can do with these devices first.


                I'll check out the DPS stuff as I don't know anything about that either.


                I've never used an ebook reader before, so this is going to be a whole new learning thing for me.


                Thanks, Phyllis

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                  phyllisj9 Level 2

                  You know, I never could get an answer on those Nook magazines.   I tried just buying a single issue, but it won't even download unless you have a Nook Color or Nook for Ipad.  Yet, when I tried to ask Barnes & Noble about it via e-mail, they said the Nook Color reads PDF and EPUB.  I wonder if they have some sort of proprietary reader that adds functionality to a PDF?  They have something called "Article View" that appears when you're using a Nook magazine on their Nook Color device.


                  I guess the answer is to buy a Nook Color to find out.  The problem is that I don't want to recommend buying one (this is for work) if it doesn't look like we can convert our magazine to that format.  I know we can do EPUB (studying all about that now), but I can preview those on a more basic reader (I'm also converting them to MOBI files for Kindle).


                  Frustrating.  Sorry if this is a bit off-topic from InDesign....


                  Thanks, Phyllis

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                    [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                    phyllisj9 wrote:




                    E-pub development desperately needs a time out, both software and hardware. At least that'll give developers a bit of time to work on their tools.


                    It's the Browser Wars from the 80s/90s all over again -- hands up those of you that remember Netscape Navigator. Or perhaps it's like the "VHS Vault (Formerly Betamax Barn)".

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                      phyllisj9 Level 2

                      I remember Netscape Navigator!  :-)


                      and yeah, it'd be good to slow down on the epub stuff.  With that said, I'm really enjoying learning new stuff.  Just wish I could find answers easier....  I don't work with any other designers, so I can only talk about this stuff online!