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    receiving 'true' in the dynamic field rather than the data!!

      Hi I'm having problems getting a dynamic field to display some XML properly, i think it is jut my syntax but not sure, if i make a manual path of Movieclips with instance names it displays fine!!!

      Basically I have this load Var statement, which contains the path to the dynamic field when generated:

      var description_lv = new LoadVars();
      description_lv.onData = function(raw_text){
      currentThumb_mc.DJ.VenueN2.description_txt.text = raw_text;

      in turn i have below creating the dynamic clip

      //create DJ: clip
      currentThumb_mc.DJ.DJ3._x = 56
      currentThumb_mc.DJ.DJ3._y = -5
      currentThumb_mc.DJ.DJ3.DJN_txt.text = currentPicture.attributes.title; //-- is working

      //create Venue: clip
      currentThumb_mc.DJ.VenueN2._x = 56
      currentThumb_mc.DJ.VenueN2._y = 7
      currentThumb_mc.DJ.VenueN2.description_txt.text = description_lv.load(this.description);

      the bottom line is one i have modified out of a release statement, I am receiving a error URL not found, in addition the path is correct as the field is displaying true, but i'm not sure how to change the code to get this data appearing correctly, like i said it works manually creating MC and i'm thinking the path is right above, so I cannot work out why else it wouldn't be working can someone pleeeeeeeeeeease help!

      Thanks V much