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    How do I read my book on my Nook Color?


      I installed ADE on my PC and downloaded the book. Then I exited from ADE and connected the Nook to my PC and re-opened ADE. ADE recognized the Nook and authorized it. I dragged the book to my 'MyNOOKcolor' book shelf and it appears as one of the books on that bookshelf when I select it. After I disconnect the Nook from my PC, the new book doesn't show up. If I hook the Nook back up to my PC it is displayed again on the Nook bookshelf. What must I do to be able to read this on the Nook?


      Message was edited by: 123lah When I say the book doesn't show up after disconnecting the Nook, I mean it doesn't show up on the Nook itself.

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          Does it show up under "My Documents" on your nook color?  It might not show up in the main library but in the my documents section.

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            I was finally able to access my epub. It wasn't in the Documents folder. I tried a couple of things and don't know which one was the solution or if I just got lucky. A link (URLLink.acsm) but not the epub was showing up in the Books folder of My Files when I had the Nook Color connected to my PC. I found the epub itself in a folder called Digital Editions on the Nook and copied it to the Books folder of My Files. I also had a sample version of the same book from B&N so I don't know if that was somehow interfering. I deleted the sample version by logging onto B&N and deleting it from my B&N bookshelf. After doing those 2 things I was finally able to view the book.


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              Lois, I'm glad to see that you've been able to get things running.  Many

              people on the forum with Nooks have been experiencing a series of problems

              with them.  Some of it stems from the setup when you register it with B&N.

              They want to be your ebookstore for all epublications, and they have used

              proprietary code on the Nook so that it is a bit tougher to get ebooks from

              other sources.  What I see in your message indicates that B&N downloaded the

              ebook to your Nook in .epub format.  If you're going to download ebooks from

              other sources, it won't be exactly the same process.


              When you locate the ebook on a different site and start the download

              process, ADE will open and let you choose between opening the ebook (in

              Reading mode) or saving it.  If you choose 'save', ADE will put the ebook in

              the Digital.Editions folder on your hard drive in .epub format.  It will

              then show you it's there.


              The 'URLLink.ascm' is an intermediate file that is part of the download

              process.  It contains information that ADE uses to find the ebook and

              download it .  If you see an .ascm file on your computer (Windows PC), you

              can use the 'Open With' feature in Windows Explorer (NOT Internet Explorer)

              to get ADE to open the file and then you should see it in the ADE library.

              You can then transfer it to the Nook.


              Hope this helps!