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    Mobile apps now hang at spashscreen (FB 4.5.1)

    TucsonJava Level 1

      I am stumped as to why all of the mobile projects I have will no longer run properly in the emulator. Several of the projects, like MobileShoppingCart,  are examples from Adobe staff. When they launch, they all hang after the SpashScreen is displayed. There are no error messages in the console. The application's creationComplete methods never hit a breakpoint in the debugger,


      If an Export Release Build is done on the apps, the resulting AIR file runs as expected.


      All non-mobile Flex projects run as expected.


      As far as I can tell, nothing has been changed on the projects. I have also reverted back to a previous Eclipse configuration to eliminate any possiblity of updated plug-ins causing the issue.


      Has anyone run into anything like this before or have any ideas as to why this may be happening?