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    I really NEED some HELP! I will pay you if your Answer works!!


      Ok well i have a problem with a .FLA  For some reason all the Buttons ( Push Buttons) Do not appear in the SWF. Its like the TEXT IS MISSING. It was developed in Flash mx 6 , but now we are working on it, in Flash Cs5.


      I will post a picture. Let me know your thoughts. If someone can help me , I will paypal you for the help. 


      Second image is the preview of the above image in the SWF mode. As you can see , no buttons. No text. I have trieds lots of things. No LUCKimage1.pngimage3.png



      The last picture is my other .fla source OLD version. And those buttons appear just fine. Not sure what else to do. I WILL PAYPAL YOU SOME MONEY FOR THE HELP!! NO JOKE.