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    Areca Raid Controller - ArcHTTP - does not work

    klfi Level 1

      Areca Raid Controller - ArcHTTP - does not work - in need your help !!!


      I am running Win 7pro, 64 bit, 24 MB RAM

      Areca 1680 controlls Raid 3 7TB and Raid0 1TB. McRaid works fine.


      1. Areca ArchHTTP V 1.85 is installd fine

      2. When opening ArchHTTP-GUI it is showing:

           a. Controller #01(PCI): Port 81 running

           b. Cfg Assistent:          Port 82 running

         Application started, 1 contoller found, launch...........:81


      3. when i activate Cfg Assistant and launch Browser, ARCHTTP - Configurations opens

      4. when i activate Controller #01(PCI) and launch Browser, the website for unsername and password opens

      5. after filling in user pandpassword ....nothing happens, the website doesnot open. It seems that i could not be found.


      Any idea, thanks for help