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    Variables not updating in Snippets

    Kathy T Casey Level 1

      Hi there.  I'm currently still on RoboHELP 8 and about to upgrade but I've found this issue is still a problem when I've upgrading my project to a trial version of RoboHELP 9 (with the critical update applied).  It's on my local drive - no networks involved.Variable-Issue-in-RoboHELP.png

      I've got a large project (around 2364 topics) and I use variables and snippets a lot in the project.  The developers have had a total redesign of the software interface and I updated a couple of the variables to guage how much work it will take to totally update the help.  In normal topics there doesn't appear to be a problem - but when a variable is in a snippet, the values aren't updating in the view (as per the above image).

      If you preview the topic, the variables update but each time you open the topic, it's reverted to displaying the wrong values.

      The compile uses the correct value so it's only a visual thing.

      The problem is that every time you open one of these topics, it looks wrong and you have to check the snippet to make sure it's been updated.  I'm very concerned that I will get complacent thinking that what's displaying on the screen is a visual firfie and actually overlook a variable that I haven't updated.

      Has anyone else experienced this problem?  Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

      We will be updating very soon and at least I can turn the snippets into html in each of the topics to fix the display issue but that would be defeating the purpose of having snippets.