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    version 10.1.0 prints 'junk' if i try to print even number pages


      I have my document open and from the print dialogue box choose option to print Odd pages only - this works OK

      Once printed (and after I flip the paper over in my printer to print on the other side)

      From the print dialogue box I choose to print Even pages only

      The result is that although the first few pages print ok, after a few pages the text printed is no longer English, but a combination of spurious characters (alphabetic and special characters). The format remains 'correct' as the spaces between "words" and the page (heading, paragraph, shading behind headings) all remain.


      The document prints perfectly if I choose to

      • print a single even page
      • choose to print specific pages, (2,4,6,8) from the print dialogue box
      • choose to print the whole document


      I have checked for Reader updates but I have the latest version


      Any ideas appreciated as I need print lots of stuff for uni and like to print doublesided to save paper.