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    Print Booklet issues: indd adds very unnecessary pages to my document when I try to "print booklet"?


      I have no idea why this is happening, but it is driving me batty and makes zero sense and I need


      I had a 30+ page document that was correctly booklet printing and added chapter start pages through the doc. I did not renumber or start sections on these when adding them, they are in the same section as most of the pages... Basically the document goes like this:


      Front Cover -- Page A (recto)


      Blank -- Page B (verso)

      TOC -- Page 1 (recto)


      etc... etc...


      Back Cover -- Page 52 (verso)


      Suddenly, for some unknown reason that I have not been able to figure out, indesign has now decided that the front cover/back cover printer spread isn't that any longer. It prints a blank page on the printer spread for the front cover (keeping the cover page recto) and the back cover prints in a printer spread beside page 1. It being a function of the sectioning seems the likely culprit, but that sectioning hasn't changed from when I was printing it without the new added pages. I can't start the book pagination until the TOC (page 1), so it has to remain, as well...


      Anybody have any ideas? Is there any way to force indd to not add these unnecessary pages? I have unchecked print blank pages and print blank spreads in all the print dialogues and also tried the opposite.