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    Exporting to PDF/X-3:2002 format


      I need help!! I have been trying everything I know and read to try to complete this simingly small task.


      I am trying to create a book on blurb.com. The instructions from blurb have told me I need to take my InDesign document and export to a PDF/X-3:2002 format. Blurb even has presets that allow you to load the settings and just go to File>Adobe PDF Presets>Blurb PDF X-3 Export Preset v1-1. (Done all that!) Click "Save" Click "Export". And then I watch the "Background Tasks" window show the progress of the exporting. It makes it about 60-70% through, and then NOTHING. It doesn't save. It doesn't give an error message. I have no idea what is wrong, or what I am doing incorrectly.


      The document I am trying to export is an InDesign file 55.8 MB large. The document is 178 pages long, contains a large number of Illustrator, JPEG, and .PDF files. I am running Windows XP, 3GB of RAM. I am using InDesign CS5.