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    Problems importing 3D layers from Photoshop


      Hi, I am a public school teacher in Australia and we have a site licence for the Adobe Master Collection CS4 at school. I am having some problems importing 3D layers into After Effects from Photoshop.


      Firstly, I have a computer in my office with exactly the same software, installed from the same source as the computers in my class room. They are all running Google SketchUp 8, Photoshop Extended CS4 and After Effects CS4.


      In my office I am able to export a 3D model from SketchUp using the KMZ format and open it using Photoshop. I can then save the file as a PSD file. I can't attach the file here as it is just over 2mb. When I import it into After Effects using the Photoshop Live 3D option I can rotate the model as normal and the elements appear as shown below.


      When I try the exact same exercise in my class room (where the computers are all running exactly the same versions of Photoshop Extended CS4 and After Effects CS4) the model is imported as a 2D image with no ability to rotate or interact with the model. It appears that the camera and controller layers are missing from the timeline as well as the Solids folder from the Project pane as shown below.


      I have been trying to figure out the difference for most of the day today and so far I cannot find any reason for this to occur, neither can I find anyone with a similar problem who has solved it.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated,

      Mr Merrick