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    Flash Builder (4.5.1) iOS on-device debug crash


      Hi all,


      I've got a Flex app that I'm building for an iPAD and I can debug it on the simulator and on the iPad device (if I select 'fast' packaging method).


      The problem is when I want to debug on the device using the "Standard" option for packaging (which takes several minutes) or try to do an export release for the iPad, the application starts up and immidiately terminates after the splash screen.


      Any clues would be greatly appreciated.




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          I also facing the same problem. I have tried on both iPhone 4 and iPad, both work fine with "Fast" packaging, but both hang with black screen after icon clicked with "Standard" packaging. Any updates? Thanks!

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            Season.W Level 1

            Hi, Bashar! Have you manage to solve it? I have solve mine problem by removing some 3rd party libraries. So, I think there are some codes that cannot support iOS. It is better to test in Standard packaging version because Fast packaging version might not be accurate.

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              bascharre Level 1

              Hello Season.W,


              I finally managed to resolve this issue. It was due to an xml file that wasn't included in the "package contents" in the "export release build" window.


              Imagine you have an "assets" folder in your project where you keep xml files, images, sounds etc. Sometimes the compiler doesn't actually pick up references in the code for these assets especially if you're referencing a file like:


              var configFileLocation:String = "assets/xml/config.xml";


              The compiler won't pick up the fact that it needs this file so it doesn't include it in the final release. In the release window, just check the "package contents" window to ensure all the necessary files are there. If you notice that they're there but unchecked (there's a tick box), then you can simply tick the checkbox.


              Other times you don't even see the asset/file in that window. I read a nice hack to get around this issue. You simply click "back" on the "export release build" window, then go to Windows Explorer (or Finder in Mac) and find the "bin-release-temp" directory. You can copy all the necessary files/assets in there manually. After copying, just go back to the "export release build" window and click "next", you will then be able to see all the files you added in the "package contents". This way you can ensure that your application gets packaged with all the necessary external files.


              Phew! I'm so relieved that I found the problem tho.. Thanks for your suggestions as well. I will keep those in mind.