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    Moving Files


      Hi all,


      If my project file and video/audio clips are in one folder and is located, for example, in C:\Videos and I move the whole folder to C:\Videos\Project 1, will the project file still be able to open the media in Premiere Elements or will I get an error telling me that it cannot find my project content due to the path change?


      I'm trying to save my video project I just completed, but I kind of threw the files around.  I want to organize it now.  What is a good, recommended method of storing a project (along with its media) on an external hard drive?


      Thank you!

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          JMJarrige Level 2


          On your 1st point, I think you will have to re-connect the media to the project if you changed the folder

          of your input files. An automatic process that PE uses in such a case.


          For saving your data I can give my proper method :

          - input video captured (from tape or memory) : I import or copy on an external hard disk, generally all the

          media. I organize the folder hierarchy before copying.

          - projects : as I am using different systems (iMovie and PE on Mac, PE,Vegas and Movie Maker on Windows), I let

          the projects informations in their original directory. it's not a huge volume generally.

          - I export the finished version of the movies on a multimedia hard-disk, which I connect on our large screen TVs,

          without needing any PC to view the images.

          For defining your own method, it depends on your equipment : do you view only on PC your movies or images ?

          If it's the case you only have to back-up your projects, there is functions with Adobe that link video and projects.

          If you plan to view elsewhere, your strategy could be different.

          From my experience, as I have several levels, my images and family movies are 'saved' on different systems.

          Hope this will help you organize your medias.

          Best regards from France.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            As stated above, you will need to help PrE reestablish the links to the Assets, but that is not hard, nor is it abig deal. When you Imported those Assets, PrE did not Copy those Assets into the PREL (the Project file), but only established links to the Absolute Paths to those files. The PREL file is but an XML database file with those links and some instruction sets.


            1. When you Move the files (via the whole folder would be best), make careful note of the EXACT Path to those files, including the drive letter, any root folder, and all sub-folders. This will save you time in a moment.
            2. Now, Open your Project and PrE will check the links to the Absolute Paths, and see that things do not match. This is obviously because you Moved the files.
            3. A dialog window will open, asking "Where is file _____ ?" This is what you want. Do not panic.
            4. PrE is pretty smart, and all you have to do is to navigate to the location of that first file. This is where those notes you made, will come in handy.
            5. Locate that first file, and then PrE will look in that folder, and reestablish the links to all Assets from your Project, that are in that folder. Neat eh?
            6. If you have divided up your Assets, say with all Video in a "Video" sub-folder, and all music in a "Music" sub-folder, you will need to repeat the locating process for each new sub-folder, but PrE will check that sub-folder and link to all Assets used in your Project.
            7. When all new links have been established, and the Project is fully Open, I would immediately do a Save_As, so as to not overwrite that original Project. This will allow you to alter the Project's name (I would probably go with something like [Project Name]_ReLo, or similar), and keep the original Project file safe, just in case.


            It taks longer to write about, than to actually do. One caveat - after you have Moved the files/folders, and have Opened that Project, do NOT Skip or Make Offline, any media, or if you do, do NOT Save the Project - always use Save_As. The reason for not Saving over the original Project's PREL with Media Offline is that to relink then, will be an Asset by Asset operation, and can be tedious, as PrE will no longer survey the folder for any other Assets.


            Good luck,



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              CPham2 Level 1

              Thank you so much for your help!

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Most welcome and happy editing.