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    Pixelbender crashes on startup

    J Clow Level 1

      After installing Pixelbender toolkit 2.5 onto my computer it will always crash on startup. The first time this happened, there was a WER (windows error reporting) box that showed up and tod me that "sniffer_gpu.exe is not responding". After reporting the error, the application would just silently crash on startup.


      Previously, the original pixelbender toolkit (aka V1.0) would startup correctly and i even did some work on some pixel shaders, but now it crashes in the same manner (I didn't uninstall it and strangely, the new toolkit didn't uninstall it either.


      I am running 32 bit  Windows 7 home premium.


      I have a NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GT GPU

      I know that I don't have the latest drivers for that, but because the driver is locked down by my labtop's hardware manufacturer, Sony, I am unable to get a newer version. (trust me, I've tried many times)


      Also, I have ran sniffer_gpu through the command prompt.


      C:\Users\~~~~~>"C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Utilities - CS5\Pixel Bender Toolkit


      Device: 0027402C has video RAM(MB): 256

      Device: 0027402C has video RAM(MB): 256

      Device: 0027402C has video RAM(MB): 256


      It then subsequently crashed....


      (I've replaced my username with ~~~~~)

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          unique_screenname_here Level 3

          This almost certainly signals a driver bug. That said, the Pixel Bender Toolkit should not crash but should instead handle the sniffer_gpu crash and flip over to CPU-only mode. I don't know what to tell you at this point because, as you mentioned, the laptop drivers tend to lag way behind the card vendor drivers since the laptop drivers are owned by the laptop vendor. I suggest you push on Sony and nVidia tech support. It would also help to know what changed in the OS to make Pixel Bender Toolkit 2.0 crash when it had been working. Maybe it was something with the installation but I believe both Pixel Bender Toolkit 2.0 and Pixel Bender Toolkit 2.5 should be able to coexist peacefully, although they may share the same preferences. You might try deleting the current preferences to see if this helps. You might also try uninstalling both toolkit versions and reinstalling Pixel Bender Toolkit 2.5. You might also take a look at the following installer instructions. I don't believe the instructions necessarily apply to your scenario but you might give them a try anyway.

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            unique_screenname_here Level 3

            You might also try this driver which I believe should work for your system/card combination:


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              J Clow Level 1

              I tried the link that you sent me. Didn't have high hopes to begin with beause I've tried that before. turns out my senses were spot on, it didn't work.


              This computer is three months away from celebrating it's 4th birthday. A year or two ago, I contacted Sony support about these graphics drivers and they didn't do anthing. I'm not going to try again....


              Also, i must note that the other version of pixel bender i have on here is the ORIGINAL v1.0 pixelbender, not pixelbender 2.0 (and they're installed in different folders). It behooves me that neither work anymore and that there is no way to force pixelbender to start in CPU only mode. if theere is anything you want me to check, feel free to ask.

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                unique_screenname_here Level 3

                Bummer. What values are reported for "Driver Provider," "Driver Date," and "Driver Version" on the "Driver" tab of the Display Adapter properties panel in the Display control panel after you installed the nvidia-provided drivers?