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    flex 4.5.1 AIR 2.6 android mobile application

    gauravgr8 Level 1

      I am trying my first Flex(4.5.1)/AIR(2.6) mobile application for android. I am using Flash Builder 4.5.1. I am able to run the application on desktop selecting the Target platform as Google Android and Google Nexus One as device to simulate. But I am facing problem in running the application on device. I exported the application for Google Android, it resulted in a HelloWorld.apk file. Then I installed it on device, it was installed with Success. When I tried to launch the application, I was getting blank screen. As my device was attached to my PC, I collected the logs. The logs were as follows:

      01-12 06:54:45.625: INFO/ActivityManager(95): No longer want   android.process.media (pid 7237): hidden #16 01-12 06:54:47.205:   INFO/ActivityManager(95): Starting: Intent {   act=android.intent.action.MAIN cat=[android.intent.category.LAUNCHER]   flg=0x10200000 cmp=air.HelloWorld/.AppEntry } from pid 178 01-12   06:54:47.595: INFO/ActivityManager(95): Displayed   air.HelloWorld/.AppEntry: +343ms 01-12 06:54:52.665:   DEBUG/dalvikvm(178): GC_EXPLICIT freed 23K, 52% free 3122K/6407K,   external 5443K/6797K, paused 60ms

      Please help me out I am unable to see the application after launch.

      Thanks in advance.