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    Opacity gradation : right in program monitor, wrong in export




      In Premiere CS5, I was working on a project that I began in CS4 and noticed that some of the fade-ins and fade-outs seemed to be off once the project was exported. To investigate this issue, I’ve created this simple project:




      As you can see, it’s 12 frames of a white color matte that fade to black with a gradation in opacity followed by 13 frames of the same color matte that fade from black with a black color matte that changes in opacity atop of the first track. I know that I should rather be using proper transitions instead, but I find that when there are several video tracks on the timeline, using a black color matte atop of them is sometimes a more practical method.



      Anyway, in theory, the gradation should be perfectly “symmetrical” and indeed, if I color pick every frame in the preview window, I get the following sequence of values (in greyscale hex):





      In effect, the first part is a perfect mirror of the second, right around the middle frame. However, once I export the project, the sequence (in the exported media) changes to this:





      While the first part is exactly the same, the second is rather different; it seems to start from a different value than 00. When doing a fadeout, the opposite happens as the gradation does not reach 00.



      That did not happen in Premiere CS4 and I’m wondering if there currently is a fix for this issue. Otherwise, I could change all my faulty transitions to something else, but it’d be nice if changing a few options could resolve my problem instead.