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    Page Numbers in PDFs Viewed with Windows Explorer


      Running SP Pro, SP3 and Reader X...


      Browing with Explorer in a folder, it displays Name, Type, Size and Date columns.


      When using Windows Explorer on a folder with PDF files, If I choose to View Details and enable/check the box for the Pages, Title or other boxes, the Pages field is always empty for PDF files, the Title sometimes has some stuff it that makes some sense...


      There is always a Pages value on my MS Word Douments, but never on PDF files I have downloaded (even if they have hundreds of pages).


      These PDFs are things I donwload from reputable sources (user guides, manuals, etc.).


      I would like for this view to display the page number in the PDF files, but that column is always empty.


      How can I tell XP Explorer to show me the Pages column for PDF files?


      Is it just the way the PDF files were created and save by the authors or something else?  Are they not including the attribute when they create the files or is it something I can change in my Explorer view?


      I don't understand how it all works...