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    Content Aware fill in selection



      I am having two problems mainly, if someone could help it would be great.


      1. I have 2 documents open, one of them has a selection. I want to copy that selection and transfer it over to the other document. I am not sure how to do that.


      2. I want to content aware fill the selection. Is this possible using applescript?



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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Are you asking how to do that in a script in an action or in Photoshop?  Also are the two document the same pixel size  and resolution?



          In Photoshop

          First make sure the documents have the same print dpi resolution.


          A selection and an Alpha channel are basic the same thing so in case you have not created the alpha channel version of your selection use menu Layers>Save Selection and Fill in some Name in the pop up dialog and click OK. Then use Ctrl+D to deselect

          Go to the channels palette and highlight the new alpha channel with your saved name. Then drag the channel and drop a copy on your second document.

          In the second document use menu Select>Load selection use pull down to select your saved selection name.


          In an Action you can not record a drag from one document and a drop on a second document. You need to use some other method.  One way is after creating the alpha channel, deselect and highlighting the new alpha channel is to do a Ctrl+A select all Ctrl+C copy the go to the second document channels Palette the click on the add new channel icon in the bottom of the palette followed by Ctrl+V paste.



          In a script that for you to do....

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            c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

            Are the two documents the same exact size?

            How do they relate (for example name- or path-wise)? This may be important to avoid nonsensical results in case more than two files are open.

            2. I want to content aware fill the selection. Is this possible using applescript?

            Are you sure you don’t want to give JavaScript a try?