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    Adobe Premiere Basics Creating Video Publishing and Adding advertisments within the video.

    WebGuyDesign Level 1

      Hi I am new to Adobe Premiere and have some basic questions I have a video that I would like to mix sound into and also add a flash advertisment in but am having problems previewing the movie in perfect quality.  For example, when I drag my imported video in, the movie gets much smaller when I preview it.  Even after I get some of the sequences finished and I export it, the video looks small.


      I think this is something in the publishing or importing features that I don't know of, basically how do I work on my video and create parts to it while keeping the quality of the video 100%



      My second question is, I have created a simple fade in fade out advertisment that I would like to go in the bottom right part of the video, how do i position it exactly there?


      thanks pros!