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    Uninstalling Reader 10.1 on a Mac


      Hi All,


      I have a new iMAC which is running OS 10.6.8 I wanted to install Adobe Reader so that I could view some information on a website which required the Adobe PDF reader plug in for Safari. I downloaded Adobe Reader 10.1 from Adobe's UK site and ran the installer. All installed (ie.Installer ended and said all was OK) fine but Safari still would not show the website page that required the the plug in. It just says "Missing Plug-in" and when you click on it it says I need Adobe Reader!


      I thought that perhaps the plu-in did not install so I installed again with no luck. Then I thought that perhaps I needed to run the Adobe Reader application first for the plug-in to install. Which I did and after the user agreement page the Reader application crashes or quits with info to send to Apple.


      After some viewing on the net regarding this issue I see their are possible problems with Reader, my version of the Mac OS 10.6.8 and Safari 5.1 (which I have). However all the info I have seen say that the plug-in will NOT work in Safari 5.1 but you can still get the stand alone version of Adobe Reader to run - which I can't as it keeps quiting/crashing. I have a new install of the Mac OS with very few applications installed.


      I really would like to remove everything that might have been installed by Adobe Reader untill a fix is in place. Adobe do not seem to supply an Uninstaller which I think is a really poor show - they do for Flash & Air so why not Reader. Would one of you kind folks tell me how to remove everything that Reader may have installed on my system.


      Thanks in advanced