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    Best monitor for animation


      Hi, I'm working on a big animation project.  I'll be doing everything from the concept art to the actual animation, but I need a new monitor.  My budget is around $350.  At the moment I'm planning to buy the Samsung LS27A350HS.  I want a 27" inch monitor for this kind of work, and I was told this was the best for the price range.  What are you thoughts?  Is there a better monitor I should be looking at?  I found a used Dell 2707wfp for $400, but I don't like the idea of not having a warranty.

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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Disclaimer: Don't read this if you don't want brutal honesty.


          Any 27" monitor under US$400 is going to be the cheapest of cheap Chinese garbage on the market.  There's nothing wrong with using cheap garbage monitors if things like colour accuracy, definition and calibration are not important to your work.  If you just use your monitor for computer stuff and have seperate output of your actual design work, that's fine.  But you need to realise that, in that price range, your monitor will never truly represent any kind of calibrated, accurate image.


          Lots of people on this forum use monitors that cost thousands of dollars, so don't expect a cheap monitor to provide you with ANY features that professionals consider important. The price range you're shopping in is low for someone who uses Word, so don't expect spectacular results for anything so involved as computer animation. If you're working for broadcast, your price range simply won't buy you an adequate monitor.


          Here's some stuff that I know about low-end monitors:


          Glossy screens are awful, unless you work in total darkness.  Make sure you get a low gloss/matte display.  Don't be fooled by the impressive contrast of a glossy display.


          LED monitors in your price range aren't up to scratch.  The colours are overly intense and you often see image lag. Get an LCD display.


          Dell make pretty good monitors for the price.  I use Dell monitors for my work monitors, and I use much more expensive monitors to view my actual output.

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            JonathanDockery Level 1

            Well, thats helpful information.  What about the Samsung P2770HD?  Or the Acer S 273HL?  Or would you recommend I go to a higher quality, smaller display altogether, like a Dell Ultrasharp U2410?  I feel like I'll need a bigger screen for work like this - duel monitors at least.

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              bogiesan Level 4

              If you cannot afford super accurate monitoring, you must learn how to use scopes. Vector and waveform displays are totally objective and will prevent you from making foolish technical mistakes that are based on poor LCD colorimetry.



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                JonathanDockery Level 1

                I never had any of this super expensive equipment in art school, and my animations turned out fine.  Is it possible that something in my price range will do the job?  Also, where can I get one of these vector/waveform scopes?  The one's I've found are really expensive. 


                Thanks so much for taking the time to walk me through this.  I really appreciate it. 

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                  bogiesan Level 4

                  Producing and creating animations are not the same as roviding technically precise media to outlets. If your color space is out of gamut for a specific delivery media, yoru work will be rejected or it will be modified by someone who does not have your best interests at heart.


                  You already have what you need, you've just never opened it up!

                  Synthetic Aperture supplies an app/plugin with After Effects called Color Finesse. Way cool.


                  The Color Finesse interface is divided into four main windows: the Analysis Window, the Image Window, the Settings Window, and the Color Info Window. Each window has a set of tabs which can be clicked to select panes within that window, with the exception of the Color Info Window, which has no tabs. As you work, you’ll find yourself switching between different panes, depending on the color correction operation you’re performing. Dividing the screen into different windows ensures that you’ll be able to see the information you need as you make color correction adjustments.

                  The Analysis Window contains a number of displays that are intended to allow you to view the image you are correcting in an objective fashion. Included are traditional displays you would find in the typical telecine bay, including several different styles of waveform monitors and a vectorscope, as well as more specialized displays such as histogram displays and a level curve display. Because it is often useful to see several of these displays simultaneously, Color Finesse also includes a Combo pane which incorporates four displays of your choice on one pane.



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                    JonathanDockery Level 1

                    Fantastic!  I'm excited to check that out.  Thanks so much for the info.  As far as my $400.00 computer monitor budget - any advice?  I am really considering the Samsung P2770HD, and the Acer S273HL BMII.  The salesman told me with a scope they'd be perfect - especially the Samsung.

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                      bogiesan Level 4

                      Sorry, I have no advice at all on monitors/displays. I have always enjoyed the benefit of our corporate IT dept buying Apple monitors for my Macintoshes. I have never researched anyone else's hardware but it cant' be that difficult to find rofessional and respectable reviews.



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                        JonathanDockery Level 1

                        Well, thanks for all your advice!  I hope I'll have that luxury soon!

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                          JonathanDockery Level 1

                          Alright, I picked up the new LED Samsung.  Thanks again!