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    Flash Scrapbook




      I'm working on a Scrap Book for an e-learning site. Basically there's a book in the centre of the page with some images around to the side. These images are to be dragged and dropped on one side of the book, while on the other I'd like to have some text input fields where users can type in 10 things they learned.


      I've implemented the drag and drop functionality for the images, assigning one side of the open book as a target, snapping the images back to their original location if they are not dropped inside the target.


      My problem starts with the text. I want users to be able to input text but I don't necessarily need to do anything with it. It'd be great if I could setup some kind of a submit button that when pressed the text boxes "disappeared" and just the actual text they inputted appeared to sit on the page. I just don't know how to go about this. I've set up the text boxes and when I test they allow input, but I'm not sure what my next step would be...


      I suppose at that point I'd like to be able to kick out a PDF to the user also of almost like a "screen grab" of the .swf with the images dragged and dropped in place and their text inputted.


      Can anyone help me with either of these issues? Even just a pointer to a tutorial or what I should be searching or researching would be great.


      Many thanks!