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    (sorry) another question re: file size and readability


      Hi there,


         Just upgraded my computer at work as we are doing more presentation work at the moment for our clients and wanted to take it to the next level with some video instead. Premiere Elements 9 installed (and after a few niggles) running reasonably well.


      We need to do a quick e-mailable (less than 10MB) movie to send out to multiple recipients (including a soundtrack).


      We're aiming for around 40secs in total.


      Now.... Running in Snow Leopard on a brand new Mac, I have only found one file type I can export to that actually allows me to view the video on my Mac. Even the mpg files aren't playing in either QT or iTunes (even most of the .mov files aren't playing in quicktime )


      The only filetype I have gotten to work so far is a .mov with a test vid I made but that was around 325MB for 1:30min of footage!


      Anyone able to shed any light on this at all?


      Just incase it helps at all, the movie will need to be playable by Mac and PC preferably (if only one, then PC as most of our customers are PC based)


      Thanks ever so much for your time!


      I'll let you know if I can figure this out!