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    setMask() method problem  from one.swf to another.swf

      I want to apply a mask dynamic to another movie.swf which is loaded into a mc.
      It should work but it´s not - what the hell is is wrong?
      I´ve been working with this problem for about 3days.

      Please tell me if it is my lack of knowledge or if it is something that
      Flash 8 cant handle properly.

      1. I´ve got navigation.swf which contain 6 buttons
      and one movieclip called containerMC which act as a holder for loaded movies
      that in this examle loads galleri.swf .

      2..galleri.swf contain one mask layer with a mc called mcMaskGalleri
      (acting as a mask) and one masked layer with a mc called mcGalleri.

      3. When I pressed one button in navigation.swf I want to mask
      mcGalleri in galleri.swf by this code on each button in navigation.swf:


      But it dont work and I´ve even tried:



      But nothing works
      Yes it works if I set one mc in the galleri.swf and let it act like a button and execute this code:

      this.mcBtnTest.onPress = function() {
      trace("mcBtnis pressed");

      What could possible be wrong?

      I appreciate every answer