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    Which Adobe Programs Do I Need For My Videos?




      Please forgive me for not knowing the technical terms for what I aspire to do. I have worked with video for many years (started with Premiere 4.5) but never 3D objects other than titles.


      I want to be able to draw 3d models of objects and people (in the round so that they will look correct at any camera angle), position the models and cameras starting points, move the camera angle during the video, and animate the 3D characters themselves (make them walk, bend, smile). I think I saw something about a lip sync tool as well.


      I want to be able to combine 3d models with real video as well. I assume I would render the 3d scene on an alpha channel or green screen and then pop in the video background using Premiere but not sure.


      For final outputs I will need to upload to youtube and create widescreen DVDs.


      Please let me know which Adobe apps are best for the...

      1. 3D model creation

      2. scene creation, animation and rendering

      3. combining real world video with the 3D characters and objects and outputting to the formats mentioned above

      4. Anything I missed?


      Many thanks!