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    Multiprocessing issues in AE CS5.5


      I've been having trouble rendering with MP enabled in AE CS5.5 on an 8 core Mac Pro, OS 10.6.8.  AE generally hangs a lot when MP is on, but the real trouble comes when I try to render.  Often renders will hang indefinitely, forcing me to restart AE and sometimes the whole system.  On a fresh restart I can render a complete animation, but upon finishing the render the whole system hangs and I have to shut down/ start up the computer.  I have tried decreasing the number of CPU's dedicated to AE, as well as various RAM allocations per CPU with no luck.  While MP always seemed a bit flaky in previous versions, it's never consistently hung up my system before.  I figure I'll try a reinstall, but if anyone has any other suggestions I'm all ears.



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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          What are your Memory & Multiprocessing settings? Tell us about your composition and source footage.


          Start with the recommendations given here.

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            ScottieB1 Level 1

            Do you have warp stabilizer on any clips? I have found that if I use the warp stabilizer it makes the project files so big (I guess it saves the tracking data in the project) that multi-processing ends up taking MORE time than single processing on short clips -- because it stalls out on the "Loading Project" phase of the multi-process startup. Because the project fiules get so big, it takes a long time to read them all in - the more clips with Warp Stabilizer the longer it takes. I've had to turn of multi-processing for projects with WarpStabilizer used.

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              scottfrizzle Level 1

              I'm seeing this problem on a variety of projects; big, small, lots of effects, few effects, etc.  I'm not using Warp Stabilizer, but it makes that it would cause those issues.


              I started off with the AE CS5.5 recommended multiprocessing settings, and from there have tried about every reasonable combination and I still run into the problem.  I haven't had time to try and narrow the possibilities down to a particular plugin, but I think that's my next approach.

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                ScottieB1 Level 1

                Hmm interesting - I've tested all of those recommended settings as well and never noticed it as bas as when I have Warp Stabilizer used in the project. What's frustrating is I thought this Multi-Processing 'startup time' was supposed to be improved in the latest versions.


                Incidentally, Scott Frizzle -- I think I still have one of your old reels in my inspiration folder - probably from 2004 or so. Recognize the name