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    Form will not load - I think?


      I was trying out some calculations / formulas in the form responses view, and things just kind of froze with Flash crashing errors.


      Now form will not open, except to an "empty" browser window.  I am using the free account, so the idea of blowing away the test form is not appealing.


      Can one of the FormsCentral gurus / mods take a look at things for me, thanks?

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          Todd Rein Level 3



          Can you provide the form URL or share it to me (trein@adobe.com)?  Since you are having problems opening the form in FormsCentral, here's a work around to share it:

               - log into www.acrobat.com (Choose acrobat.com in the upper left).  You can use the same ID/PW that you've used in FormsCentral.

               - Once logged in, you'll see a list of your files, including the form you are having issues with.

               - Select your form - do not try to open it, just a single click to select it (don't double click it)

               - On the bottom left, there's a button that says share, click it

               - Choose "Add Collaborators"

               - Enter my email address (trein@adobe.com) in the People to share with

               - Click the share button




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            CstmrSrvcHlp Level 1

            I did not see bottom left button Share to "Add Collaborators"


            I right-clicked form and it had the same option.  Tried that, same result - Loading Form file progress bar for a bit, then to Adoble Flash pugin crash


            BTW - I did an unistall / re-install of Flash plugin.  Using Firefox 5.01


            I can do an Open Fillable Form, however.


            Thanks for your help on this.

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              Todd Rein Level 3

              If you've logged into Acrobat.com (instead of FormsCentral), you should see a button on the left, that says "Share".  After clicking that, then it should say "Add collaborators".


              But also, if you can do open fillable form, copy that URL and send to me (go ahead and email me directly).